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The importance of background checks when using hiring services in Nigeria




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The process of hiring new employees is tedious. From job posting to shortlisting, interviewing, and selecting the best candidates, organizations spend a lot of time and money on these processes. It can be challenging to find the right candidates to fill a position, and this is where organizations get to use hiring services.

 These hiring services will help employers find qualified candidates to fill these roles. However, the process of hiring new employees comes with risks, and it’s important to conduct background checks to mitigate these risks.

Risk of not conducting background checks

Failure to conduct background checks during the hiring process can expose employers to the following risks:

  • Hiring The Wrong Talent

 Every employee at an organization, irrespective of position, has a role in making sure the organization achieves its goals. And in the job market, some candidates oversell their abilities and skills to fit the job responsibilities.

 Without background checks, an organization might be unfortunate to hire one of such persons, and this will lead to a loss in productive hours. In some industries, an unqualified candidate poses a great deal of danger to the organization.

  • Employee Fraud

Stories of employees defrauding their organizations are not uncommon. Without a proper background check, a company exposes itself to hiring talents with a history of fraudulent behavior, thereby putting the organization at risk of financial losses.

  • Security Risks

Employers who don’t conduct background checks risk hiring employees who may pose a security risk to the company. This is particularly important for companies that deal with sensitive information or operate in high-risk areas.

  •  Legal Risks

 Employers could face legal problems when they hire without due diligence. Imagine a situation where an irritating employee injures a colleague or a customer who decides to press charges. Such an organization gets embroiled in a legal scandal. And if the court finds out that your organization failed to do proper background checks, you face increased liability and even reputational problems.

  • Bad Reputation

 Employees are the face of an organization, and the way they appear could influence the decisions of outsiders regarding the organization. If word gets out that an organization’s employee is fraudulent, it can influence the brand’s image.

 For some people, it indicates that such an organization lacks attention to detail and cannot be trusted with certain decisions. For others, it shows that such an organization doesn’t have values. Whichever way, the organization’s reputation is at risk, and it could eventually lead to financial losses.

The Benefits of Conducting Background Checks

 On the flip side, here are the benefits of doing background checks:

  • Hiring The Right Candidates

With proper checks on shortlisted candidates, you can identify the candidates who will make the final list of people who will be employed. These checks will help you ensure that they have the necessary skills, experience, and qualifications for the role.

This can lead to a high rate of employee retention, as hired candidates will stay longer in the organization, doing their jobs well and achieving success.

  • Reducing Employee Fraud

Financial fraud can be reduced or totally avoided with proper background checks. These checks can help employers identify candidates with fraudulent behavior, making sure they are not hired.

  • Ensuring A Safe Working Environment

A safe working environment increases productivity and the happiness of employees. With background checks, employers get to ensure that people posing security risks to the company, its employees, and its reputation do not make their way into the employee database.


The Different Types of Background Checks That Can Be Conducted

 There are several types of background checks that employers can conduct during the hiring process. These include:

  • Criminal Record Checks

This has to do with screening and going through a candidate’s criminal history to identify any past criminal or fraudulent activities.

  • Employment Verification

The need to make a resume appear rich makes some candidates lie about their employment history. It’s important to verify the employment history, including the job title, job duties, and length of employment.

  • Education Verification 

This involves verifying a candidate’s educational qualifications, including their degrees, certificates, and diplomas.

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The importance of background checks when using hiring services in Nigeria

The process of hiring new employees is tedious. From job posting to shortlisting, interviewing, and selecting the best candidates, organizations spend a lot of...